Tuesday, October 8, 2013

1st Steps in Math and TPT

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been gone for a while but.... You know how it is with school starting and all. I have been busy teaching 4th grade this year! Whooo hooo! But boy am I tired!!!!! I have also been going to a lot (and I mean a lot!) of district training. One of those is called 1st Steps in Math. It is awesome! They have share so many hands-on ideas and RTI for kids :). I really needed it too being an ELA person by nature (and trade!)

I've also decided to start uploading all of my teacher-created stuff from when I taught high school. I figured since I created it and used it for so many years, maybe someone else can benefit from it. I just uploaded a taste today. I uploaded some of my SAT for freshmen word lists, tests and powerpoints that I made and used every year. Here's a pic of the powerpoint for word list #6. I hope you can use these. It will take me a while to upload all of them I have 20 lists, 20 tests and 20 powerpoints for each grade level from 9th through 11th. I think I'll start with 9th!  Hopefully I will have that level all uploaded by this weekend (fingers crossed!). Enjoy!

Click Here to check out the powerpoint!


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  2. Math is really tough. I really do have some problems understanding the concepts. I'm thinking of telling mom that I need high school math/high school mathematics tutoring. I guess 1-1 tutoring could help me.