Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Classroom Organization (Finally)

I know, I know... I've been promising to share photos of my Journalism classroom for months now. I finally took some photos to show everyone, especially the Red Light editing system that I created and use.
As you can see from the photo, the copy editor gets the story, photo with caption or page layout for proofing. He or she puts their sticker on it and initial it and give it back. It then goes to the editor for the same process after corrections are made, and eventually to me after corrections from the editor. This would work well for an English class as well. It cuts down on how many times I have to see the same copy, and expedites the publishing process.
Here are the trays I use for students to turn in copy. They are clearly marked. We have an online newspaper as well, so I use a blue turn in tray but she still uses the yellow stickers like the yearbook editor. These desks are actually used by my editors. I have an office in the suite that I use. I am usually at my computer table in the classroom.

 This is my form bin. I have everything from photo work orders to Studio Works manuals for students. They fill out point sheets and brainstorming sheets every week. That, along with their deadlines, is how they are graded. Below is a picture of my posted points system. The students all receive it at the beginning of the year and I print it on the back side of their points sheet for easy reference. Points are negotiable if they do something that is not listed.
As you can see, there are different points for different assignments. They are also divided up by class since they are all expected to various things to achieve their 100 for the week. I just created these on Power Point using different backgrounds and fonts. I also created our weekly schedule shown below.
I took a lot more pictures of other organizational things in my room that I created but I'll save them for another time. Enjoy!