Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Made It :)

Happy Monday! (It is summer though!) I figured I had better start using my blog(s)! I've been slacking... procrastinating... really busy lately! Oh well... I did manage to make my pillows from the fabric I found at Joann's for 1/2 price on clearance. I am doing a tropical theme in my classroom - pink flamingos, palm trees, etc. Sooooo, this flower print is perfect because it includes all of the colors in my room and definitely looks tropical! I had looked at floor pillows and bean bags like I had in my Kindergarten room a few years ago. I had given them to someone when I started teaching high school. The price has really gone up!!!! I found floor pillows for $29  and bean bags for $15. Waaaaaayyyyyy too much! I got the fabric for $20 (8 yards) and the stuffing (10 lbs. of Poly-fil) for $19. Much more economical and my pillows are twice the size! (with a few smaller ones :) ) It only took a couple of hours too... Stuffing them took for-e-va! I hope you like them! Enjoy!

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